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Warning: May contain traces of cynicism

6th of May

My job hunting went better than expected, and I'm now happily working in my first permanent job. Alas the best offer I had required me to move house, with all the faff that goes along with that, and having my computer packed into boxes and no internet connection or phone line for weeks did rather horrible things to my programming time, not to mention my discworld addict-o-meter rating. I also find that now that I spend all day coding, I'm not so geared up to work on my own projects when I get back home, so even now that I'm settled in again I'm not really doing much. I do have a few project ideas kicking around in my head that I really want to try out one day, so hopefully the lull won't last forever.

I've removed the ddfix downloads from this site, because with the existence of newdark there's no reason at all for anyone to be using it. sfall has also had an update to 3.0, the major version bump being due to some little used features that I decided to remove, in order to simplify the dx9 graphics mode a bit and improve things when used together with the high res patch at high resolution.