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13th of May 2016

Two months with no update? Yup, I've got distracted already. :( SoftDX can currently run fallout 2 perfectly, as far as I've been able to tell, but that's no great achievement; fallout is a straightforward directdraw game that pushes full frames out and does nothing else. I was hoping I'd get at least as far as running gangsters* or thief** before stopping.

fallout screenshot

Time to think up a new, smaller project that I might actually stand a chance of completing without having to quit my day job...

*A horrible mix of direct draw and gdi. I wrote a patch for it for GOG long ago, but it fails on windows 8+, so it would have been legitimately useful.

**Not legitimately useful, because newdark, but if fallout is my goto simple directdraw game, then thief is my goto simple direct3d game.